ELTECHRESOURSE JSC opened an office in Sofia

The organization for recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment Eltechresource JSC opened its office in Sofia. In 2007, the Company obtained a License for its activity from the Ministry of Environment and Water.

The Organization employs a young and ambitious team of professionals in the field of ecology and marketing.

The major objective of the Company is protection and preservation of nature, care of maintaining clear and friendly environment, and long-term solution of the problem with waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Statistics shows that each European citizen „produces" on an annual basis an average of 17 to 20 kilograms of electronic waste. Unprocessed waste electrical and electronic equipment harm the environment and affect negatively human health, penetrating into soil and water. In this sense, the proper management of the so-called electronic scraps is a matter of urgency.

The Company's basic activities are collection, transportation, temporary storage and recovery and rendering harmless of generated waste. Eltechresource JSC provides measures to increase the amount of the products submitted for reuse and erects temporary storage sites and disassembly centres for WEEE.

The funds raised from the members' contributions are invested in the construction of a sustainable system for collection, reuse, recovery and/or recycling of electronic scraps.