ELTECHRESOURSE JSC created a web-site for waste recovery activities

From today the importers, producers and distributors of electric and electronic equipment may find on the Internet detailed information about their obligations, laid down by environmental law, and the services for recovery of such waste equipment provided by Eltechresource JSC. The Organization created a web-site for the purpose:

In the end of 2007, the Company obtained a License from the Ministry of Environment and Water to operate as a recovery organization. According to environmental law, the importers, producers and distributors of electrical and electronic equipment are obliged to pay product fee for each such goods: computers, brand equipment, mobiles, medical equipment etc.

The members of Eltechresource JSC save the statutory fee due to the EMEPA, the MoEW etc. For a much smaller contribution, the Company assumes all obligations of its members related with legislative requirements, thereby allowing them to free tine and extra resource to focus on their major business. In case of failure to observe the terms provided in the acts or regulations, the importers, producers, and distributors of electrical and electronic equipment are subject to administrative sanctions amounting to BGN 1,000 to 5,000 plus the doubled amount of the outstanding product fee. 

Statistics shows that each European citizen „produces" on an annual basis an average of 17 to 20 kilograms of electronic waste. Unprocessed waste electrical and electronic equipment harm the environment and affect negatively human health, penetrating into soil and water. In this sense, the proper management of the so-called electronic scraps is a matter of urgency.

The Company's activity is focused entirely on the establishment of a sustainable system to manage the activities related with the collection, transportation, temporary storage and disassembly of waste electrical and electronic equipment, as well as the recovery and rendering harmless of generated waste. Eltechresource JSC provides measures to increase the amount of products submitted for reuse and erects temporary storage sites and disassembly centres.

According to the terms of the issued license, the Company does not accumulate profit and the funds raised from the contributions are invested entirely to implement the statutory objectives and tasks of the Organization's members, namely in waste electrical and electronic equipment recovery methods and technologies.